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W Lorenz:
"Fractal Geometry of Architecture: Implementation of the Box-Counting Method in a CAD-Software";
Talk: eCAADe 27 Istanbul 2009, Istanbul; 2009-09-16 - 2009-09-18; in: "Computation: The new realm of architectural design", (2009), ISBN: 978-0-9541183-8-9; 697 - 704.

English abstract:
The author describes the basic principles for measuring architecture from the point of view of Fractal Geometry outlining the principle connections between Fractal Geometry and architecture, giving some examples and explaining the Box-Counting Method, which is an easily manageable method that can be applied to elevations. The paper not only deals with problems arising from using the Box-Counting Method but also with its relation to visual perception. It shows how the Box-Counting Dimension DB of façades can be measured with the help of a software program that was written by the author and has been implemented into AutoCAD. Finally, results of different configurations are given for the Koch curve and Robie House by Frank Lloyd Wright, showing the accuracy of this measurement method.

Fractal Architecture; Box-Counting Dimensions of Façades; Visual Perception; Implementation in a CAD-software

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