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G. Wurzer, S. Alacam, W Lorenz:
"How to Teach Architects (Computer) Programming";
Talk: eCAADe 2011, Ljubljana; 2011-09-21 - 2011-09-24; in: "Proceedings of eCAADe 2011", T. Zupancic et al. (ed.); (2011), ISBN: 978-9-4912070-1-3; 51 - 56.

English abstract:
Computer programming in architecture seems to be commonplace throughout the eCAADe Community. Yet, a critical evaluation of a programming course as seen from a studentīs side is still missing. During a week-long programming workshop in a fellow university, we have been assessing subjective parameters such as mood, quality of presentation and comprehensibility, comparing these to the actual topics that were covered at this instance. Our results contribute to understanding architecture students in their quest towards algorithmical thinking. We are convinced that the discussion given in this paper will help other teachers to further increase the quality of their lectures. Furthermore, the structure of our approach may serve as basis for further research into recording student behavior during programming courses.

German abstract:
Programmierung scheint heute allgegenwärtig in der eCAADe Comunity. Leider fehlt bis dato eine Evaluierung von dabei angebotenen Programmierkursen, mit besonderem Augenmerk auf den Studenten/die Studentin. Wir stellen eine Evaluierungsmethode vor, mit der wir parameter wie Verständlichkeit, Qualität der Präsentation etc. aufzeichnen, um dadurch die form der gebotenen Kurse zu verbessern.

Teaching, Programming, Assessment

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