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G. Wurzer, W Lorenz:
"Multi-agent form simulation";
Archivolta, 62 (2014), 2; 57.

English abstract:
Design can be seen as a flow problem. The architects´ hand produces an initial sketch by traveling through an information space containing, for each cell, the qualities that have been established during the initial analysis. The architect can either pick up some of these qualities in his design (i.e. requirement-driven design) or ignore them and produce only form (driven by aesthethics). For the workshop, we simulate this process using Agent-Based Simulation: Given an initial data matrix containing the results of the site analysis in the form of percentages, we seed a flock of agents at specific spots in 3D space (e.g. on the surface of a center sphere or diagonally along the edges). By letting the agents travel through the data matrix according to rules (written in the NetLogo simulation language), we arrive at trails that can then be recorded and brought into a 3D software.

Flow; Design; Architecture; Agent-Based Simulation

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