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M. Kulcke, W Lorenz:
"Utilizing Gradient Analysis within Interactive Genetic Algorithms";
Talk: eCAADe 2016, Oulu, Finland; 2016-08-22 - 2016-08-26; in: "Proceedings of the 34th eCAADe Conference, Volume 2", (2016), ISBN: 978-94-91207-11-2; 359 - 364.

English abstract:
The paper describes and discusses the possible integration of gradient analysis, as a method and tool for architects and designers to analyze the degree of proportion-complexity of a design, into the process of designing an object utilizing interactive genetic algorithms (IGA). A VBA implementation for AutoCAD has been developed by the authors, enabling to test the usability of genetic algorithms (GA) for minimizing the angle-redundancy and length-redundancy quotient. The gradient analysis itself has been developed on the basic assumption that the complexity of an objects appearance is reduced by redundancy, which can be measured focussing on different levels of comparison; among others e. g. variety of material, colour-combinations and proportion. The latter comes under scrutiny if the method of gradient analysis is applied.

Interactive Genetic Algorithm; Design Complexity; Redundancy; Spatial Analysis; Form and Geometry; Proportion

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