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W Lorenz, G. Wurzer:
"Tetris on a Bridge, Presentation";
Poster: Cellular Automata & Agent Based Design, Rom (invited); 2019-02-24.

English abstract:
Algorithms and programming are getting more and more important in the field of architecture and planning. As consequence, many students are already familiar with visual programming languages such as Grasshopper for Rhino. However, architects and computer scientists still speak a different language (solution oriented versus problem oriented). To teach algorithmic thinking (and principles of programming) in the context of a particular exercise helps to close that gap.
In the workshop students learned how to think in algorithms and how to use algorithms in the design process. During the workshop, basics about programming/coding were taught (variables, data types, conditionals, ...) and an introduction to NetLogo (agent-based simulation environment) was given. This enabled the students to write their own algorithm and solve a simple design task. The design task was called "Tetris on a bridge" and dealt with cellular automata and agent based design.

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