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W Lorenz, G. Wurzer:
"FRACAM: A 2.5D Fractal Analysis Method for Facades; Test Environment for a Cell Phone Application to Measure Box Counting Dimension";
Talk: 38th eCAADe: Anthropologic - Architecture and Fabrication in the cognitive age, Berlin; 2020-09-16 - 2020-09-17; in: "Proceedings 38th eCAADe, Berlin: Anthropologic - Architecture and Fabrication in the cognitive age", TU Berlin, (2020), ISBN: 978-9-49120-720-4; 495 - 504.

English abstract:
Fractal analysis helps explaining and understanding architectural quality, e.g., regarding visual complexity described by fractal (box counting) dimension. FRACAM, a cell phone application, uses fractal image analysis methods and takes into account the specific requirements of architectural purposes at the same time. It was developed by the authors to measure the fractal dimension of buildings; more precisely, to measure (color or grayscale) images of (street) views. This paper examines the results of various implemented algorithms for dependencies on camera settings and environmental factors. The main contribution of the authors deals with both an improved differential box counting mechanism applied to color images and a discussion about measurement results concerning influences on the algorithms presented.

cell phone application, box counting, fractal dimension, visual complexity, elevation analysis

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